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Planning & Developing Your Online Business

RoadMap then Build

We use collaborative planning to help businesses build successful websites.

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Our Philosophy

Even the simplest of concepts will benefit from collaborative planning.

RoadMapping is a process of discovery...

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  • Customer Alignment – Using your customers’ experience to deliver your e-commerce branding

    Customer Alignment is a form of customer marketing whereby a business understands the underlying needs of its customers, acts upon those needs by using their language of product features, benefits and comparison to talk to them, which in turn creates a more seamless brand experience and thus generates more sales. A seamless brand experience for […]

  • The melon cart at the side of the internet freeway

    Here’s the scenario…you’re a business owner and in the last year or two you have spent a lot of money on your new eCommerce website so that you can sell your great products online. The problem you have now discovered is that nobody is actually stopping at your website to browse and purchase your great […]

  • At your service? How putting Customer Service at the heart of your eCommerce operation will make you larger profits

    Customer Service = Customer Traction = Customer Retention = Sales = Money = Profits Therefore Customer Service = Profits You would think then that designing an effective Customer Service program would be at the forefront of eCommerce website owners minds when they are overseeing the construction of a new website for their online business. Well, […]

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